Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Africa Channel

So everyone in the United States, THE AFRICA CHANNEL is here!!! Okay it's been here for a while now like almost 2 years however, not very popular in my locality.


Though, I can't seem to find many Nigerian hands in this new development, It's a new channel that promotes urban Africa- politics, enterntainment (movies, soaps, music etc), cultural and historical programs and a lot more. I can't wait to start viewing. But it sure sounds like a great idea. Check the website and the schedule below:


It even airs Project Fame, Studio 53, Isidingo and Generations (could someone scream MNET Africa!!!)

Thus far, this is the best news I've heard so if you are in the states, they've brought our continent to the developed world. Let them see that we have more than poverty, disease, jungles and wahala.

still waiting for Jamaica....


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