Wednesday, January 30, 2008




Aure na da dadi!! (Marriage is beautiful)- hausa thingy

Lemme run to class!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Ageless Beauties...Mutanen Allah

Ya kuke? (How are y'all?)

I've been too busy like its hard to keep up with the real world and blogville at the same time. Oh well! Today's gist is beauty oh!

Kinda! So a I had lunch with a lady (professor) who is interviewing for a position at my university. As we we're yarning on the table in the cafeteria, one of my people comes up to ask if she's a prospective (high-school student visiting to taste the college climate). The lady laughs and mentions that she's trying out for a post to be OUR professor.

The point is, she looks very young. Not cool to be confused for an teenager alongside the disrespect that comes with being young, especially when you have all those qualifications. Good thing is, beauty-wise, she's ageless.

Dinner time, I am in the cafeteria again with my usual clique members when a girl on the table talks about getting extra pampering and treatment for being a kid at the hair salon. As per the salon folks thought she was 12. Apparently, they switched the digits aroung cuz she's 21. Omo-ageless.

My story: So I interned at this bank in 9ja last summer. Kai, they thought I was 12years old. Okay I'm not up to the legal US drinking age (guess my age..naa) but HEY I'm not 12. So bank customers would STARE at me (You know 9ja people and staring at fine girls). LOL! Nope, I just looked too young to be handling their financial business. I doubt if they mind the fine-ness part. The age was actually the problem.

It's fun to be walking down the hall in pointed stilettoes, pinstripes, pencils (lemme confess, even bad clothes sometimes! we can't all be perfect everyday.) and getting stares shey? I felt like a Cashmere Mafian (for some good and bad reasons). The only qualms is when the glances are followed by whispering

"See this small girl oh!",

"So this banks have started recruiting from secondary school?",

"Cradle Snatching Chei!"

"I better send my 6month old baby to primary school NOW!" (the overambitious ones, yes!)

Anyway, I would cringe and my female boss would convince me that the complaints and comments were future compliments. "You would love to look 20 when you're 35!"


I hope I fall in that category!

By the Way, there's Anti-ageing, Age-defying products in the cosmetic market- Olay Regenerist/Definity (I get for mi Madre), Avon's Anew, L'oreal's Revitalift/Derma-Genesis and even store brands Equate (US Walmart equivalent of TESCO&ASDA value) are making these.

I guess we could be ageless either way. Yea, don't forget to drink water!


"Gayu, Mutanen Allah. Ba mutuwa sei transfer/ sei shining"- Hausa proverb thingy

"Hotness/Sexiness, God's people. No death only continuous glowiing/transfer of levels"
- You get? I can't translate it well!



Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Future Nigeria update on the North

From their website:

North Sweeps the Future Awards 2008

Very unusually for any major Nigerian award in recent times, a good percentage of the Awards won at Nigeria’s biggest youth event, The Future.. Awards 2008 went to young people of Northern descent. The winners were Abdulkareem Baba Aminu, editor with the Daily Trust who grabbed Journalist of the Year, Sitanda star, Ali Nuhu who grabbed Actor of the Year, and ‘Mak Kusare of the BBC’s Wetin Dey who received the award for the Screen Producer of the Year.

These wins, while not surprising to discerning observers, immediately dismisses the remainder of the myth that there is paucity of achieving young minds from any part of the Nigerian nation, as well as being testimony to the rigour and research that the organisers and judges of the Awards attach to the process.

As usual, the Awards didn’t always go to the ‘most popular’ candidates, pulling off surprises and upsets. And whilst with the majority of the guests at the venue this remains a welcome development, there are others who feel otherwise. The event’s PR Director, Emilia Asim-Ita, explains. “The problem is that we are not used to a system of rigour and transparency in awards processes in Nigeria, But we are the future, we don’t do the things the way others do. We don’t sit and dark rooms and decide winners amongst ourselves.

“People must strive for it. We call for nominations, we research the nominations, we send questionnaires to each nominee, we scrutinise all of these via the judges. When someone like Ali Nuhu wins, people wonder because he is not Lagos-based and he is not a celebrity like the rest. But this is not a celebrity Actor of the Year award; our judges are not moved by hype and celebrity. This was the lead actor in Sitanda, which won more than 7 awards at AMAA, and this is a guy who has been in major Hausa movies almost always in lead role in the North – the judges have seen his profile; they know more about all the nominees than what you read ion the newspapers and magazines; we have researched all the claims made in the papers and filtered out the substance. That is what the judges decide on.”

Courtesy: The Future Nigeria's Website

Heres my last post on this issue

Ali Nuhu and Jennifer Hudson

Sai anjima! (later!)


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Heath Ledger


Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Mascara..don't clump 'em

Rimmel Eye Magnifier in ExtremeBlack(003)

Thats one of my new loves, aside football/ soccer (patriotic to the Africa Cup of Nations) and basketball (it's college Basketball season!).

Okay, so Mascara, recently, I can't get enough of the new brands coming out on an almost DAILY basis

Covergirl Lash exact- The one in Queen Latifah's collection was supposedly a hit and top priority on my spending lisy until I saw the latest one with Drew Barrymore in the commercial. Wait a minute, this a business stategy, from long to full lashes. Then, longer and fuller. Afterwards it's even longer and even fuller. FAKE LASHES please, I need thou!

So, I don't do brand names and since ALL of them pay gazillions to get me to LOOK at their adverts and COVET the almost UNREALISTIC eyelashes that everyone CRAVES, I trust that there shouldn't be much of a difference- MAC-Clinique-L'oreal.

Truth is my latest mascara-baby is Rimmel London. Honestly, it was the cheapest on the aisle- $5 and it came with free black Kajal eye pencil (a Hausa chica's MUSThave). I call that a shopping steal. It's supposed to make my lashes 70% longer or something and DAMN! It works. I've seen a few complaints on Rimmel's website so we'll see what the future holds for this tool of mine. I love it though and I've till today NEVER seen an advert for that exact brand.

The otras brands I actually trust 'cause I've over seen them in magazines and TV are Maybelline and Covergirl:

Covergirl: LashExact

Covergirl: VolumeExact
Thats Queen Latifah's "Plump 'em, don't clump 'em!"

Maybelline XXL : This is like almost the pure water one...

Maybelline: Define a Lash

If I showed y'all everything on the market, I won't study so...check 'em out yourselves and believe it might just boil down to the price tag. Or maybe not!!

I might consider starting my line maybe? Toni Payne, Tara and Banke..Ladi's coming to town!

Just Kidding!!

Ladi "in an Extreme Black Mascara-licious" mode

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sitanda the Movie

Here's the Thisday Newspaper's critic, Onoshe's review:

Sitanda on the Scales

Please tell me about it whenever you watch it.


Breaking Up is Hard

I'm sooo addicted to love songs and about this time last year, I came across the station "Breaking up is Hard" on Yahoo Music. The station kinda disappeared but now its back! I dunno why it waits for January-February to have a playlist of sad songs. Wait till March of something so it's less painful!

Anyway, include it in your first aid kit if your not sure what might await you this cupid season. I'm very optimistic so I'm guessing no one will listen to it in search of comfort. That was my ear-buddy sometime ago.

I was just listening to Ne-yo's So Sick and then Aly& AJ's Potential breakup came up.

Which kind wahala be this!!! Jojo's A little too late came immediately after and I'm like wudda?

By the way, I'm not listening to the Breakup station oh! Not yet though maybe when I'm depressed.

I just back from a jazz concert and I'm kinda sleepy. Have to go worship God tomorrow!



In the same footsteps....

The topic is continuation of Jimmy Choos relationship with Nigeria.

I've had my full dose of news-gist about our musicians following footsteps of foreign "contemporaries." From Black face to P square to Ruggedman, the trend has been, make it big in the industry, get some buzz (short or long term), then....BUY A 10 MILLION NAIRA CAR!!!! Na wa oh! see levels! The yahoozee video, for example, fills younger folks with materialism as ultimate sources of "landing".

Una don land! Where? I can't tell.

Anyway, it's the same thing with Hip-Hop artists in the US (the ones we're trying to imitate). They are getting serious lashing from the public for unneccesary extravagance while majority of the black communities are living in poverty, drugs and all those vices. If in yankee, they are getting this "anti-bling" criticism, what of NIGERIA??? A third world country???

Blogger, Ababoy, commented on Mandy Brown Ojugbana's blog saying "it’s better to be a poor original rather than a poor imitation."

He added, "There is something no quite right with some of our ‘top’ hip-hop groups. While most of them show contempt for other people’s intellectual property, others go to such alarming lengths to actually ‘look’ like the people they ‘nick’ from. ... the videos, accents and mannerisms still represent poor imitations of their more illustrious American siblings."


The funniest was an artiste who got about 15m paid to him and immediately bought like 2 SUVs and well, I suppose the money is finished. Why can't you drive comething else, invest the cash, start a business, clothing line (more jist about clothing lines soon). The "hummer" madness is insane as per you must buy jeep to have landed. Then comes the extra ephizzzy- bling, chuck taylors (the Timberland successor), and the jara things on ephizzy's list.

"Aje-pako don wan reach butter levels!"

Few days ago, I talked about women and the "I wear Dolce, shop Zara, clutch Chanel" madness. Same thing goes to 9ja guys, at least my tongue-lashing victims are the musicians and some nollywood folks. Not all of them, but some. Every week on Thisday online newspaper, one rising celebrity had bought an insanely new ride or pad.

Be yourselves dearies, cut on the blinging ice you don't need, create your "own" style and look 9ja not wannabe Flava Flav.

P square upgraded their parents Jos bakery and claim several investments and Emeka Ike built a school according to Linda Ikeji, and Ruggedman, I think, has a clothing line.
Smart men! Kudos!

For hip-hop inspiration- see Diddy and JayZ. If you know what I mean.

Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Jimmy Choo and Nigeria

It's the post below my last one on Ali Nuhu. I can't get it to be computer whiz!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Ali Nuhu and Jennifer Hudson

Wierd comparison you think? Nope!

Anyway the Future Nigeria Awards was sunday evening and Linda Ikeji's blog has the winner's names.

One observation: the winner of the best actor award- Ali Nuhu. So I saw someone ranting about him and why he won being a only local Hausa actor. Is it being local or Hausa that bothers people, I dunno but he's definitely popular for those who watch Hausa movies and believe me many up North don't watch Genevieve, Omotola or Dakore movies and would say the same about being a local Igbo actress if Genevieve won (Just the tribalistic folks though). I am sure the award is not to recognize celebrities but hardworkers. Ko ba haka ba?

Bad argument???

No lemme finish! Ofcourse The Future Nigeria is a southern based thing as per Lagos and all so it was only natural to have Lagosians claim they didn't know who Ali Nuhu was. The fact is that he is a good actor and whether we know him or not, he's been doing a damn good job far up north in Hausa's Nollywood.

Btw, he won last year's AMAA award which is African Movie Academy Awards that Vivica Fox and Lou Gossett, from Hollywood, have attended in the past. He won because of his acting and directing role in the movie Sitanda, which even beat Amazing Grace. AMAA is the most credible Movie Award, well recognised beyond Africa.


Well, we could as well tell Jennifer Hudson to return her Oscar and Golden Globe awards immediately for being best actress in her FIRST movie EVER! Point is, she did a great job and Beyonce who had MORE acting experience haven't gotten that Oscar recognition yet.

Well Congrats Ali Nuhu. I'm not sure I even know him since I watch only a few Hausa movies but I trust Future Nigeria so Thumbs up!!

I have to watch the movie SITANDA (nominated in 10 AMAA categories).

The Future Nigeria not The Future Lagos!!!

Still wanna argue? I start classes today so hopefully blogging won't distract me.


Sunday, January 13, 2008

Jimmy Choo Vs. Nigeria

This is not big fashion gist o! Just an observation. Anyway, I've read countless interviews with Nigerian "models" and well, other women- I mean the hussling beginning ones o, not Oluchi, high-powered career women or socialites, you know what I mean!. The dialogue is usually:

Interviewer(I): So who are your favorite designers?

Madam(M): Gucci, sometimes Chanel, and maybe Dolce & Gabbana.

I: Oh really? What about shoes? Whose do you wear?

M: Jimmy Choo. I absolutely love 'his' shoes.

I: Where do you shop usually?

M: Well, I love Harrods! Sometimes Zara,

Okay, my problem is WHY DO WE LIE ???? Gucci? Who buys Gucci in Nigeria? Very few folks we know them chicas. At least if you could afford a $25,000 dress, (more than Nigeria's average income) you won't be hussling to win a pageant that pays a $5,000 equivalent.

Thing is, if not for Thisday Style magazine and articles like Tiger Bites that educate us, the masses, on foreign designers who can tell Dolce's signature from Coco's? Still very few.

Just admit that you like their designs from the FTV, pictures or something. Those interviews crack me up and are very embarrassing like in secondary school when people say they went London by Chachangi Airlines and shopped in Harrods with not even a Harrods nylon bag to prove for it. as for Harrods nylon bags, I have more gist in the future.

I've been to Harrods once to buy 2 very affordable items but it doesn't mean I shop there. I shop at Primark though and Wuse Market (Yes Oh!!! nuttin dey happen!)

I also came across a blog comparing Ashionye's the Future award's dress as comparable to JLo's and Beyonce's. WHAT???? The dress was okay( I won't complain) and as much as Ashionye is a Nigerian celebrity, Jennifer Lopez is worth a whooping $110 million (11,000,000 dollars) thats about N14 billion (14,000,000,000 Naira)...Seriously, let's not start causing trouble that this First world folks make fun of our wannabe-ness comparing in the wrong ways. I love Niyi's blog anyway but that post????

I'll rather we take pride in ourselves and not try to be forming levels. Shey?

Anyway, let's stop lying and be true. We can't all be fashionistas. Everyone has their time and I'm waiting to buy my own Choos though and a Tiger Goldfinger bag.

Have a great "rest of the" week!

God Bless!

Saturday, January 12, 2008

MTN's adverts

Enjoy, reminisce, fascinate yourself!

I love this one from South Africa!

Dance with me!! sweet!

Oh Jerry !!! Sunshine!!! lol!

Tug o' War!!! The whole universe oh!

Send me links if you find anymore



Weekend Loving...Food for Thought

I found this great song called Ololufe by NoMoreloss, a nigerian musician and damn is it sweet and soothing I should add. Great track!!!

Food for thought:

E don do me
by SixfootPlus, Abuja based musician (I've seen him a few times!). I love the lyrics, which raises awareness about violence against children and women. Think about what you can do to change the negative things.


Friday, January 11, 2008

Craig David...Unbelievable

For a some reasons this song has its hooks on me. I'm a victim of its melody and words. Okay, I love, like, adore it. Anyway, I read that Craig David was originally from Somalia. I decided to confirm myself, lo and behold, I found out that he's from far away from Africa- Grenada/Mother is English to be exact. Sha, Africans, we like claiming folks ah ah now! There's tonnes of great talent from our continent but we can't always be claiming people and be telling lies jo!

Well, Rihanna is my grandfather's uncle's sister'in-law's cousin's nephew's bestfriend's daughther's grandniece's ......oops, I forgot!!!

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hausa-Arewa Stereotypes

(Hi in Hausa)

Okay, I'm in mallam mode today but really I came came across this blog: Its by a Hausa lady and damn does she write intelligently. I was so impressed but thats by the way. Her last post was about tribalism, including stereotyping, got me thinking "why don't I express my view on the topic?" So, I will.

I am a core Northerner ('yar Arewa) and speak hausa fluently with a waec A1 to prove (Did I have to say that?) Anyway, I don't wear a veil all the time (sometimes though) because I am christian. Most people equate northerners with a certain religion and look/fashion. I hardly wear the veil (I'm Christian) but when I do wear traditional "hausa-ish" clothes, only then do people realize I'm northern. So what? It's the stereotyping that I am leading to.

Thing is, I went to a Catholic secondary school in Nigeria which consisted of mostly Igbo, Yoruba and other "southern" ethnic groups. So, I more or less "act" southern and when Hausa language comes out of my mouth, it's like "Did she just say that????". Yea, i'm confused for yoruba for some reason. Some even say I'm igbo or ijebu in hausa skin (Lol!).

My whiz-kid sister won a national competition a few years ago and the press/ people found it hard to believe she was from the North-East (aka, "Northerners aren't that smart"-stereotype wudda?). But does it matter where your from? Because of the profiling, this becomes an issue because some people don't want to be called Igbo well everyone know "Igbos" for certain things. Same goes to the other 250 ethnic groups.

Let me confess though, some of the stereotyping is true for a majority but when we become defined by them, 'akwai wahala ke nan' (there's a problem).

The song by Mode9- "Nigerian girls" is funny especiallly when you watch it with the video. But don't run away from a Fulani, Yoruba, Gwari, Edo or Calabar lady because of what Mode9 said. Just laugh it off.

It's all about an individual's personality, so lets start with that first.

Ni ce (me),


Angelique Kidjo...

I wrote about her in my first post. She's a true African Music Legend. Here's a song from her new album which features Alicia Keys, Carlos Santana, Ziggy Marley, and Joss Stone, etc...This one is a remix of Rollings Stones' Gimme Shelter. I think I hear yoruba in the song oh!:

It sounds better if you just hear the audio on her website:




So Bellanaija is finally back from her 'oh so long break'...anyway thats some good news for us blogaholics so do check out her 'Nigeria's hot list' post for today.


Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I've never written about a Nigerian designer so its about time. DAKOU is a great clothing line by Dumebi Agbakoba, who also started Do Sumthing Positive Africa, a youth inclined NGO. She is also the daughter of the Nigerian lawyer Olisa Agbakoba.

Dakou Collections Website:

DSPA-Do Something Positive Africa:

Dakou Collections had two exhibit-shows in Lagos this Christmas season in Tiger Tem and Waka Restuarant &Lounge. Although I didn't attend (I'm also an Abuja chica). I grabbed some pictures from facebook. One of the models also went to Secondary School with me (see me forming connections oh!). The Spring/Summer collection is cute, classy, chic= FAB!

Anyway, I owe Tiger Tem, another Lagos fashion joint, a post pretty soon. I love the accessories but still trying to figure out if they are all made in Nigeria by Temi O.

Here are my Dakou favs:

Courtesy of Facebook Dakou group and

The Africa Channel

So everyone in the United States, THE AFRICA CHANNEL is here!!! Okay it's been here for a while now like almost 2 years however, not very popular in my locality.

Though, I can't seem to find many Nigerian hands in this new development, It's a new channel that promotes urban Africa- politics, enterntainment (movies, soaps, music etc), cultural and historical programs and a lot more. I can't wait to start viewing. But it sure sounds like a great idea. Check the website and the schedule below:

It even airs Project Fame, Studio 53, Isidingo and Generations (could someone scream MNET Africa!!!)

Thus far, this is the best news I've heard so if you are in the states, they've brought our continent to the developed world. Let them see that we have more than poverty, disease, jungles and wahala.

still waiting for Jamaica....

Monday, January 7, 2008


I've been reading so much about her on blogs from bellanaija and others and decided to check on her, ASHIONYE.

Called Nigerian Beyonce (yea), the American-accented (case of accents I'll talk about soon)radio and TV personality and actress is getting quite some buzz and her CV-resume would include a role in Doctor's Quaters MNET series, the new face of PEPSI light, presenter of the Future Nigeria Awards and being on the cover of true love magazine. I also saw her on Funmi Iyanda's New Dawn on youtube and she does have some confidence and belief in herself (I mean like too much. good or bad? I ask you) Her "American" accent is from her few months stay in the US when she was 9 and it stuck since then. Hmmm, that might be possible.

listened to some of her songs and watched one video and she kinda sounds like Omotola (when Omo-sexy decided to sing). Well, I not a huge fan of her music though if majority of Nigerians like her then, KPOM, case closed.


Jamaica and Isaac Mizrahi

So I am currently supposed to be in Jamaica but unfortunately I made the biggest mistake of not having a visa (long story but I can't really blame anyone). There was a lot of miscommunication with my university was involved and even though I am from a CommonWealth country, Nigeria is an exception to former British colonies that can go to the Island. At this time, my citizenship is a disadvantage. Anyway, being very spiritual, I believe in God's will and hoping to get my visa, which I applied for yesterday and still catch up with my school mates in Kingston, Jamaica.

Pray for me!

To make things light, I was checking out ISAAC MIZRAHI's handbag line with TARGET STORES. Mizrahi is a New Yorkan with Egyptian-Jewish roots. Obviously his 'real' designs are not for the masses so he collaborated with TARGET to make a more affordable "Design for all" line of clothing, luggage, accessories and home decor. Stella Mccarthy did the same last year (Thank God I found out a lot later). Even Rober Cavalli's collection hit H&M (thats right for an eighth of the original prices). Pigs might start flying anytime soon (nah!).

Being part of the masses, I love Isaac Mizrahi's here's a few bags including metallics:

Take care!!!!

Girlie crossing her fingers, eyes closed, keeping faith, dreaming of her flight in Air Jamaica...

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Handbag 'goofery'

I was checking out handbags yesterday on this website where I get 'em from. I'm a shopaholic but cheapo so I love discounts (yea, I can't become bankrupt at a young age...naaa!).
So I saw this tote bag that I bought three months ago for a lil' over $20 now selling for $7 (YEI!!!! I screamed). Ok, its from Target but its Isaac Mizrahi's more affordable line for the masses so I even thought I had accomplished something when I bought the bag now see my mistake.
At least, I've learnt a lesson. Wait, not really, I thinks its more of luck. Phew! Hiss! Sobs!
Later y'all!

Consumerism and Valentines day

So today I went to Walmart to buy the usual stuff and lo and behold, three huge "Valentines day" aisles where set up with pressies fron chocolate and its buddies (flowers and we know).

My first reaction "Chimoooo" (hopefully I'm not blaspheming). But the level of commercialization of personal-family-spiritual-historical holidays have become money makers playing with consumer psycology.

Hmm, I'm starting to sound intellectual hopefully the diction and jargons I'm merging to gether are cohesive. Kai!!! I was annoyed sha why in the world will I buy roses more than one month before February 14th (Thats if I'm buying oh). Temptation from seeing cute red boxes of cookies and candy continuosly in the aisles would prompt me to keep buying. (Mumu people using my sense!!!!!)

Christmas products/presents were out for sale in October with the trees and decorations in full. Halloween which is end of October was already in the air when August semester started. I could as well buy my wedding aso-ebi. Ideas?

Marketers and sons ltd, biko, slow down.

Based on my career plans, I might be a culprit some time though.

Such is life!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Funmi Iyanda and Mo Abudu

Okay, I got a comment yesterday comparing Mo Abudu to Funmi Iyanda. There even a blog dedicated to that though it has only one post so far. Whoever started that blog has bad belle for one of the women oh ah ah! I don't fancy online drama sha!

I have not seen the show Moments with Mo yet but I've heard its like Oprah meets Tyra though Nigerian. As compared with Funmi's the audience is larger, gifts like cars, trips, salon appointments and dinners are given to the audience(I dey come o!) and the setting is kinda different.

Anyway, it's no big deal comparing them, abi competition na good tin? I love New Dawn by Funmi though. Unlike Oprah and the likes, its really personal, women;s panel, small audience though I wish NTA has a lil' better job. Moments with Mo though is MNET and since am yet to see the show(tickets to Nigeria for me to finally see it are highly accepted), I won't judge but from the website it sure has some good quality.

Its fun to have different variety so I guess both women have done just that.

You can check out their websites above! Ciao and keep hitting my blog.


Tuesday, January 1, 2008

New Year Couch Potato

Okay, I entered the new year with a terrible headache. I had my dose of medicine and woke up feeling better but basically I did nothing major today; owre pajamas all day. Now I'm wishing I was in 9ja. To top if off, I got a call from home in the middle of a new year party.

I'm embracing the couch potato thingy and getting ready for my trip to Jamaica. I think I'm going to change my calender and have my new year postponed (complex huh?)

Right now, I'm watching Funmi Iyanda on youtube. Her show is very personal, motivative, informational and she's very intelligent and gets great people on the show. Here's her Music Life Class. She features Sasha who just released her album. I am in love with her music- Emi le gan, and Adara though I'm yet to hear her other tracks

Heres Sasha's Myspace page:

Take care and keep reading...








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