Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Seasons greetings

I'm still in the process of outlining New Year resolutions.

Academic, spiritual, family, friends, finances... I hope to travel to a new continent this summer, I'm excited, I hope I can.

It's awesome to be able to spend the holidays with family (Mum and sister). I've spent most of the break on retail therapy, buying shoes and bags (ordered from Abuja) and watching Ghanaian movies and Real Housewives of Orange County.

I crave Nigerian food and hopefully we'll find our way to the African restaurant around. I've had enough ramen, cereal, campbell soup and subway. Mum is here so Manna should be taking off from heaven.

My sister just walked in (to tell me something) and scared me and by reflex, I shut my laptop only for her to give me some facebook gist. You owe me dear...

HAVE A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!! May 2009 be wonderful for us all!


Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to everyone and have a Happy New Year!!!!!

God Bless!!!!


Monday, December 1, 2008

Hausa Children should read!

Most of you should have heard or read about the Jos crises over the weekend. More 200 people killed. Muslims killing Christians and vice versa.after a local council election with supposed rigging. Some folks burnt churches, others burnt mosques and people's homes.

Read on BBC and Thisday

I promise you, its not successful business owners, bankers, civil servants, teachers, lawyers, engineers, musicians, any educated person or students with a correct brains upstairs.

Its restless children, teenagers, young men...and maybe women. It starts with Almajirai (young male beggars) they don't go to school (or manage Islamiya evening education) and learn the street hustle, start carrying knives (typical local hausa guys) and when they grow up the good ones sell suya or open kiosks, become drivers, Mai-guardi (gatemen)or do some decent hustle. I mean the uneducated ones.

Lack of education leads lack of exposure, idleness, low IQ, and 'demon' possession (Lol!) can make anyone wake up and because of election results go on a burning spree. Thats why the north continues to have a bad reputation or stereotype for dumb-ass-ness...lol!

Suppose, McCain's rallied some young white guys to go around burning down folks houses because Obama won?

That's exactly what happened in Jos.

And Jos was the las-gidi of the North way back then. Sprezatura did a post on Jos when he was growing up(Home of Nasco Cornflakes and biscuits, Wamco Dairies etc). And on the road to my precious Northern state, we drove past Jos everytime. Since so-called democracy, Joshua Dariye, the place has deteriorating. Theres still some nice places (Rayfield) but with one religious clash or the other,.... Somebody help!

And the chain of useless politicians in the Local government.....

Back to the point, I think the children of the north need quality public school education. Jos private schools are very good: Bethany, Baptist High are like the Olasore/Adesoye/A-hall/Loyola of the North.

Then they can be reading their books instead of looking for houses to burn down. They should even be selling suya and kilishi or sitting in a damn office. Iliteracy and Idleness na winsh factory (devil's workshop)

We can't change people's religious beliefs but you can get then off the streets.

I think I want to do something.... Look what some did (CNN Heroes award finalist) did in with children Ethiopia: http://www.ethiopiareads.org/

Cidersweet is our blogger from Jos...Pray you're okay oh!

I'm becoming more political huh? Tiwa, thanks for reminding me to update!

Friday, November 7, 2008

Uzoma Okere...Assaulted by Naval Officers

Y'all should have heard how this dear lady was brutally beaten by Naval Officers in Lagos in front of Price WaterHouse Coopers accounting firm.

"On the third of November 2008 on Muhri Okunola Street, Victoria Island Lagos, the traffic was chaotic. A young lady (Uzoma Okere) driving home from work didn't move her vehicle out of the way of a military convoy on time, resulting severe beatings by armed Nigerian Navy men. The convoy consisted of Rear Admiral Harry Arogundade's personal Navy saloon car and his pilot truck, consisting of 6 armed bodyguards."

It's unfortunate that this has topped the level of non-democratic events occurring lately.

Watch the video:

Punch Newspaper: http://www.punchontheweb.com/Articl.aspx?theartic=Art20081107184896

Join the facebook petition groups:
Petition for Justice: Uzoma Okere
Uzoma Okere Foundation Against Armed Forces Brutality (Nig.)

It's unfortunate that people are saying about Uzoma Okere's status (her father is a Sergeant-At-Arms). No matter how rude she could have been (i read a comment saying she was stuck up...bad belle na bitch!), nobody, no woman should be beaten with her clothes taken off on the streets.

I'm happy she has a prominent relative who took it to the senate at least laws can be passed to protect the 'masses.' Especially in democracy because Abacha can as well raise from the dead lets return to military rule.

I wish her recovery and mental stability. I can't imagine that happening to myself.


Friday, October 31, 2008

Tribalism in Nigerian Music

Whats wrong with some Nigerian southerners????

I saw this video a few minutes ago and the comments suggested CNN was an idiot for doing a report on Hip Hop up north. Some one said Kano wasn't even in Nigeria but the middle east. Some said it was irrelevant and decided included religion (Islam) in it. When did a report on Hausa Hip hop rather than southern hip hop become not appreciating the things of Africa. That's why so called southern artists won't go any where because we don't appreciate other cultures bo one will appreciate ours. Others complained about his accent what of y'all with janded/ Ibo and h-factor Yoruba accents?

I wish CNN actually did something on D'banj, Tuface, Psquare, Asa and co...but the reaction this video received just show how backward, ignorant and tribalistic Nigerians are. If oyibo gives you crap, you probably deserved it.

I paste some comments:

-wetin consine mallam wid hip-hop?

-this northern pple are still way back from the real world.

-They moved away from 419 and is now focused on the North of Nigeria. (419 is the same as Hausa Hiphop??????)

-if na arab or koran music I for gree,but Naija hip-hop (in the north),na lie!!!!!

-bulls***! f***CNN

The video:

See why there is No progress in Nigeria??????

I'm a northerner but a christian and its sickening to see so called born again folks talk they way they do. Where is the love?

That's why we face racial prejudice. If we don't think our fellow citizens are human beings. As in I'm freaking pissed.

Talk about justifying ethnic and religious violence!

Sunday, October 19, 2008


DUH! As many of y'all have noticed many businesses are being run by foreigners look at restuarants, supermarkets, boutiques, bakeries, cinemas. Anyone heard of the Chinese bakery OCEANIC in Abuja that was basically making a sweatshop out of the oven (the best grammer I could use). They were locking their Nigerian employees in cages (i suspect the term was exagerrated) but anyone heard of slavery some centuries ago being repeated this time with our new "colonialists." One of many examples not that Nigerian employers ain't bad but seriously you get visa to come and maltreat me in my own 9ja?

Not that I'm xenophobe. AH! I'm on another man's land but its about time WE start investing in OUR resources especially since we're still termed THIRD WORLD then we can open the ground for foreigners to make money off our SOIL. But, till then it should be OUR calling.


NuMetro- Silverbird


Imported Kiddies clothing-RuffnTumble

MaryKay- House of Tara, BMPro

Pere Hilton- NiyiTabiti and Ayeni (LOL!)

Hollywood-Nollywood and Hausaland's Kannywood

Amigo, 411 etc in Abuja (Indian and Lebanese)- SAHAD Mehn (the luxury market I love Hausa people!)

(The big examples I could manufacture in 3 seconds)

The video-trailer below (AFRICA OPEN FOR BUSINESS BBC'S BEST DOCUMENTARY OF 2006) is about Indigenous African entrepreneurs in fashion, agriculture, ANIMATION (people didn't believe it was 100% Africa) floristry (dunno the term), telecommunications et cetera. I was so touched!

The second video is about Ruff n Tumble store in Lagos. Any of those business owners would have run to the west to do menial-odd jobs or even corporate world jobs that seriously if you don't have that blue or burgundy passport you're as bad with the fat paycheck and the term ALIEN, the nastiest term for foreigners that I've heard. Alien again? AH!

If I've preached enough I hope you've been converted. AFRICA IS OPENED FOR BUSINESS. There's no closing time yet.

Courtesy: http://africaopenforbusiness.com/linkchangenotice.html, National Black Programming Consortium and Youtube.


Friday, September 26, 2008

'Aristo' cracy, 'Agbero' cracy, ... ARCHIVES

ARISTOS!!! Aristocracy, dealing with lame-assness of some Nigerian Men in my Men(tality) series, my being confused for a little kid (Am surely a kid but a littler kid I mean), Agberocracy in Abuja markets, dissatisfaction with the stereotypical notions of northerners as dumb-asses, the economic class divide and exploitation of poorer masses....

Northern and Nigerian treatment of young women in general (forced or arranged marriages) and my personal rants and frustrations concerning them being a young northernwoman myself. (Those posts got the most hits and comments kinda!)

I decided to put links on the posts that really spoke my mind and re-reading them lighten the weight on my shoulders. If you're new on this blog. You can 'peruse' achives below:

YOUNG 'HAUSA' GIRLS FOR MARRIAGE: http://missladidi.blogspot.com/2008/06/married-away.html



OLD MEN AFTER YOUNG TEENAGE GIRLS (ADVANCED ARISTOS): http://missladidi.blogspot.com/2008/04/nigerian-men-tality-6.html

AGBEROS AFTER EVEN YOUNGER/ SMALL GIRLS (HOW MY MUM SLAPPED HIM): http://missladidi.blogspot.com/2008/03/nigerian-men-tality-part-1.html

CLASS, WEALTH AND POVERTY IN LAGOS AND ABUJA: http://missladidi.blogspot.com/2008/08/lagos-and-lies-abujas-guilt.htmlMASCARA


Friday, September 19, 2008

Handbags!! by House of Nodza (Gidan Nodza)

Quoted "Gidan Nodza(Hausa for House of Nodza) is a proudly Nigerian company that offers the best handmade luxury items of its kind. Products from Gidan Nodza are different and unique because all items are 100% handmade. Fabrics used are all dyed using the age old methods of; batik, tie & dye & other wax relief techniques. The leather used is locally sourced. So, to be in possession of a Gidan Nodza item is to be in possession of a rare work of Art. Visit to see what's new at Gidan Nodza from fabric(s) pieces to final product. "

She (the owner, Amina Hassan) was featured in UrbanKit's blog: http://urbanknit.blogspot.com/2008/08/gidan-nodza.html#links

I'm impressed!!!

Way to go Gidan Nodza (in na samu kudi zan yi sayyaya amma kunyi kokari. Ubangiji ya ba ku sa'a!)

Whatever Prada, Michael Kors, Coach, LV... with 100% Handmade? I'm Nodza babyeee!!!

Blogspot: http://www.houseofnodza.blogspot.com/

The Facebook group: http://www.new.facebook.com/group.php?gid=9691492518

Shop!: http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=5465974

What do y'all think?
Future Awards Nomination for Amina Hassan anyone? Hell yea!


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The sickness called Nigerian Hospitals

If you didn't read my older post on the wide gab between the rich and poor and the level of poverty that exist in our so-called posh, classy and elegant Nigerian cities, here: http://missladidi.blogspot.com/2008/08/lagos-and-lies-abujas-guilt.html

Simon Kolawole of Thisday Newspaper wrote the following touching article on Nigerian (Lagos) Hospitals both public and private. PLEASE READ THE WHOLE THING:

I’m ever very desperate to be positive about my country. I’m ever eager to celebrate the smallest of achievements and the tiniest of gestures, all in an attempt to catch a glimpse of a silver lining in the dark cloud hanging over the alleged Giant of Africa. But then one thing happens and the whole enthusiasm just comes crumbling, like biscuits in the mouth. Today, I’ll like to briefly discuss what has been bothering most Nigerians – the state of our hospitals. President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s medical pilgrimage seems to have re-ignited Nigerians’ anger on the state of healthcare in the country. We should all be worried. We should all be angry. I am ready to concede that some things have changed, but obviously not enough has changed to make us shout Uhuru. In fact, most of the stories you hear from our hospitals are heart-breaking. I like to illustrate the rot in this society with personal experience. I will do so again today.

Two weeks ago, my driver called me to say his father was ill. He suspected typhoid. Take him to a general hospital, I told him, because I don’t really trust many of the private clinics which often lack the expertise but would eagerly wave huge bills in the face of unfortunate Nigerians. He took the man to Gbagada General Hospital, Lagos. This was in the evening. The person who was supposed to issue registration cards had taken a stroll. The lady in sight, whose duties my driver couldn't’t really define, advised them to sit down and wait because “issuing cards is not my duty”. After waiting for an hour, with his father in pains, my driver finally sighted the card issuer. Card issued, they waited for another one hour to see the doctor. The lady, who said she was not a card issuer, was obviously the one who would grant them access to the doctor, but she was busy talking and gisting on “MTN Xtra Cool” (as my driver put it). “I could not believe my eyes,” my driver said. “She must have been on the phone for 50 minutes. In the process, the doctor had resumed work. I didn’t know. It was another nurse who came to advise me that I had to keep troubling the lady before we could see the doctor.” Reluctantly, the “MTN” nurse allowed them to see the doctor who did a good job of informing my driver that his father would need a surgery. There was a little problem though: there was no bed space, so he would refer them to Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH), Ikeja, which I understood the Tinubu administration had turned into one of the best in the country today. Midnight, they set out for LASUTH. On getting there, they were told once again that there was no bed space, so they headed for General Hospital in Surulere. Early in the morning the following day, I called him to find out what the situation was. The same story: no bed space.“Go to LUTH immediately,” I ordered him, and then joked seriously: “You see now, if you were a big man you would just take your father to St. Nicholas Hospital or Reddington and deposit N5 million. The operation would have been done by now. Better still, if you were a governor or a minister, you would have flown your daddy to Germany or London by air ambulance for operation.” He got my point easily because I always use him as a sounding board anytime we are going to office. I normally pour out my frustrations about the contradictions in this country on him.LUTH was the final straw. When I called him to get the situation report, he gave me a very sad picture. “LUTH is the worst so far,” he said. “The lady who attended to us was so merciless. She said we should take our father out of the reception area, that five people had died there while waiting for bed space. We begged her and said that was the fourth place we were being rejected. She shouted on us and told us to go away, asking if we expected her to become a bed. We begged and begged but she got angrier, saying what she hated most in her life was being begged. While we were still begging, one lady brought her father who was obviously in need of urgent attention. The nurse shouted on her. Right before our eyes, the man gasped and died. No first aid. Nothing. The nurse became more agitated and told the confused lady to take the corpse out of the reception immediately.

I decided there and then I had seen enough.”He moved his father to a private clinic across the road where he was asked to deposit N150,000 before treatment would commence. Please don’t ask me how much he earns that he would have saved N150,000 to attend to the health of his father. The doctor wanted the money deposited before he could start any form of work. My driver deposited N50,000 later in the day. For the two nights the man spent there, he only received drips and a few tablets before the doctor advised them to go to one specialist centre at Ikeja. At this stage, I told my driver to move his father to a reputable private hospital on Lagos Island (I wish to withhold the name). The life of the man was in serious danger and everything must be done to save him now.The hospital first turned them back, saying there was no bed space. But eventually, the man was admitted. My driver got a very strong hint, unofficially, that the man was in serious danger and might not survive. Surprisingly, perhaps because of the money the hospital was going to make from this case, they said they wanted to conduct their own tests before operating on the man. “Before we knew what was happening, they said they had done a scan that would cost us N60,000. They said they were going to do another scan. That’s another N60,000, not counting the other charges,” my driver told me. At this stage, he decided to withdraw his father from the hospital, but for inexplicable reasons, the doctor was never available for him to discuss with. He became desperate to withdraw his father, at least to cut his losses, but the hospital would not play ball yet the man’s condition was getting worse. Last Wednesday, early in the morning, he received a call informing him that his father had died. Don’t ask me how much the hospital told him to pay for the five days of “treatment”. Don’t ask me how the poor boy mourned the two losses – one of his father and the other of the monumental resources that went down the drain. Sadly, the story I have just told today can represent the experiences of thousands of Nigerians everyday. Nigeria. What a country.

Courtesy: THISDAY NEWSPAPER http://www.thisdayonline.com/nview.php?id=122446&printer_friendly=1

What can we do to make a change instead of being satisfied with our individual well beings alone?




Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fine babe, no pimples! Ladi stepping to gorgeousness

So more recently, more people are rushing to every and any spa: moroccan, chinese, brazilian, calabar fattenening-room spa, all of them. Me na Hausa spa I go start with those Hausa pregnant-just gave birth-women's hot water and herb bath. Kai! I have recipes already!

The makeup industry is booming (BM Pro, Toni Payne, House of Tara's line with the yoruba name) as well as couture, designers are lending and giving celebs clothes anyhow (Rukkies and Linka Ikeji: I'm jealous!) and we Nigerians are watching and taking cue. Perfection is the goal whichever one you can afford.

After spending an hour on reading blogs and fashion magazines, viewing air brushed pictures, many of us ask ourselves How can I look, dress and feel like her?

And hair, Bobby Eke's salon amongst others in Lagos (I heard you have to book two weeks ahead to an appointment...Beverly Hills 9ja style) and Cotonou Boys in Wuse 11, Abuja. A fellow intern at work told me those Benin-Republic natives charge N10,000 for million braids (when its like N2,000 or less in kaduna and Jos and N4,000 what my Mum pays in Abuja usually) and once some lady had to pay N15,000 for God knows what they placed on that head of her. She got the fat bill (which could be someones month's salary) and with a cutesy-spoilt-ajebo tone said "O kay!" CHEIII!!!!! Anyway, if I can afford it why not allow someone feed himself but seriously HAIR again?

(Now hair is becoming pricey like UK and US oh!)I have braids which I'll keep for three months and relax DIY in front of the mirror with instrustions and style again myself if not I'll either be broke or EFCC'll arrest my Dad if I can afford those luxuries regularly. Nah!

In this material world, you'll need to first get gym membership either to join the Joneses or truly get fit and firm, take dance classes- Salsa to be precise like if the dancing in Church doesn't burn enough clories and our traditional owambe steps are not enough we've moved to Salsa? Cool sha but it just sounds like some move to fake jandedness when I hear some folks say they take salsa lessons. I learnt tap dance from PE in school but I'm gonna open a fulani dance club or something (hmm, lame!).

My school's gym is mega awsome and free so I hit the jackpot there.

Me, am a victim of working out now! I started this work out plan created by Jessica Alba's trainer, Ramona Braganza, that I got from an old Seventeen Magazine. She alternates (daily) 40minute cardio with 10 minute cardios along with 'strenght moves' she calls them (Squats, leg and biceps curls) . The workout plan is for two weeks but I'm modifying and doing mine for a month and see if it firms me up if not na sue I go sue. I don't need to lose weight lai lai! if not I'll keep looking 12years old. Instead of watching TV, exercise is better than couch potato-ing right?
Start saving up for it bags: Prada, LV or Gucci and that classic-square cuboid shaped Chanel with the chain straps to take attention from everything else if not, get a skincare regimen and ka-ching we're ready.

So next, either invade Sephora version: House of Tara or the nearest passing-by makeup selling mallams (true or false?), Thats why I love-like-hate 9ja, see babes in Abuja patronising those mallams which is great 'cause you're feeding him but to go out and be shouting lies that you shopped on Oxford street( I digress but Hiss!)

If you've been reading my past blog entries you'll know I'm a 'condition bend crayfish' Mascara junky (started with Rimmel London, then Covergirl Lashblast, and now Maybelline Define-a-Lash). Eye pencil is like a Northern woman prerequisite so I've been wearing it since nursery school see my baby, kiddie pictures have me with navy blue eye pencil. Omo fine girl no pimples!!!

Now adolescence (what my buddies call it, I call it stress-induced breakouts) wants to deal with my face but the Devil is a Liar!!! so I'm taking my cleanse-moisturise-conceal regimen seriously. As per foundation, too much TV and magazine adverts have convinced me that mineral powder is better for the skin so I switched to Covergirl Pressed Mineral Foundation for my oily skin. Yea and Neutrogena's wash and tone cleanser and Clean and Clear's SPF15 moisturiser in the beginning and middle of the routine. On weekend I use peel-off mask and apricot srub if my face start manufacturing dry, dead, skin.

Three of those products we're in Cosmogirl's Beauty Hall of Fame so I'm on track!

Don't need any anti-aging stuff Biko, not yet!

What else? Exfoliation. I alternate disinfectant/ anti-bacterial bath wash with exfoliating-scrub bathwash only God knows if they actually take away the dead skin. I guess! Since I cannot afford spas plus I should be studying Economics and doing homework so I could as well get over dead skin while I bathe. Ko? But is like sand all over my body (Damn am sounding like a bushgirl now!)

Teeth, whitening oh! I'm not taking this aspect too seriously. I just switched my mouth wash and tooth paste to whitening ones and yes, the chewing gum I chew too is stain preventing and whitening. I switched from basic anti bad-breath ones. I'm not spending time on whitening strips yet maybe during my next break or holiday or something.

Last, I have to sign an oath to eat fruit and drink V8 and Fuze drinks on my school ID flex so its kinda free so I got my Vitaminerals babyeee!. That Barney's song Apples and Bananas ain't child's play.

Oh, and WATER, I started drinking so much (its healthy duh!) that I started spending '5million' hours in the rest room which is kinda embarassing so I just drink a lot when I'm in the confines of my room and can run to my personal bathroom without warranting reactions from people (What the hell does that chic in the next toilet cubicle drink? Lol!)

Workout, check!

Face, check!

Skin, check!

Teeth, check!

To accommodate all these changes, being a student and not having time for excess ephizzy I just exchanged my former lifestyle with something better, cheaper/economical, and healthier alternatives. I'm in a village in Yankee and don't quite socialize in Abuja so there's no one to put my picture in Purefoto for any reason so for self satisfaction I guess.

"If you look good you feel good. If you feel good, you sell/cook/work good" Deion Sanders (sportsman) says for everything.

If I look close to Jessica Alba or Chalya Shagaya (Another Northern QBee) seriously I'll inform y'all. Ha ha!

But that's not the point though. If I feel better and more confident and less conscious then I conquered. This is for myself and me alone.

Let me not forget what matters most is the inside soul so I'm picking my Bible up now. Been on the one-year Bible plan so I can finish the scripture in 12 months. God, please forgive me I slacked a bit and have to take a year and a half instead. But by His grace, I will.



Thoughts anyone?

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Futuristic: Careers and all

I have been stuck with my laptop, no classes, no papers, no homework, no group work or class presentations. Students' Paradise I guess but not really I'm wasting right in front of that screen.

Laptop= Unlimited Internet= Yahoo+Facebook+OnlineNigeria+Search engines......

And there's always something to do, if its not chatting on messenger or facebook (that so called networking winch!), so perusing email archives and YES, blogging, watching MTV's The hills, My super sweet sixteen and Exiled, America's Best Dance crew (Chei see stepping) and ofcourse http://www.video.onlinenigeria.com/ for free Nigerian and Ghanaian movies (The Beyonce and Rihanna movie had a scene shot near my house!!!!), exploring music and movie reviews on http://www.pluggedinonline.com/, there always something do can't wait to get busy with classes.

And I survived without constant internet in Abuja oh! Now I'm back and forgetting my roots.

So, in the mean time I'm making grand plans for the future. There is this fun business I've been dreaming of for months now. I read in Cosmogirl or Seventeen magazine that it made a teenage chic a millionaire in $$$.

Only for me to go home this summer and read that the idea was also just borne and realized by someone. I figured that I better start planning my competition (shey its healthy in economics?). The product/service in question is kinda expensive so I better figure out walmart-style how to cut costs so mine is actually a success/ good competition and we can build that industry together..lol!.

Whenever this pet project of mine becomes a reality, I'll expatiate further.

This is what I've been thinking about, doing research online, reading 'how to' websites and checking my school class schedule if classes/courses are offered in that field, looking on http://www.amazon.com/ to find books related to that field, I even have a folder and notebook on my bed as trusty companions.

Thanks to my ijebu-igbo northern family, any small change/naira from christmas and sallah since I was younger was collected and converted to shares now from yankee if I read the news and see a company is offering I call home and "Please, can you buy so-so companies shares?" Most of my business (yes, I sell stuff when I travel back) goes to NSE. Thats future collateral oh!

So, this Maryland based company that does web design, logos, corporate identity (Omotola's website and Skye Bank's ads amongst many): http://www.nextdaysite.com/ came to my Dad's office and left a thick fancy brochure, he brought it home and was like "Ladi, you see what young Nigerians who schooled in America are doing? I hope you come back with some innovation like these people." Getting value for the dosh spent thus far.

Yea right as in now I'm shining my eye anywhere I go to find innovative stuff and damn there's a lot. Its how to start that gives me headache. But what is the point to chartering a plane across the Atlantic ocean and coming back home with no proof of exposure to the developed world? I could have as well gone to my state university in the Northeast and remained well, unexposed. Thats another reason foreign degrees are a biggie in Nigeria. Not only is the educational standard and system better (YES, argue!), technological advancement as well as development but exposure to how things work in the G-8 joints.

Back to my project, I'm 19 and feel to old to just be laying strategies. I should have started when I was 16 huh? Kidding but I feel like time is not enough. I will graduate at 21 then work in Yankee legally for a year (OPT for international students in Yankee), do NYSC in Nigeria, attend Graduate school, get a job and continue growing this business of mine by the time I've gotten my masters, I might be like 23 or 24 (Chei!!!!) My mother has warned me to be independent before even thinking of marriage so we can brush that side a bit.

Hmm, anyway, I guess I have time. I spend so much time thinking about the future (good or bad?) Lemme finish this phase first but meanwhile I'll be drawing a business plan courtesy of my ECON textbook.

Some alums from Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs and co are coming next week to give sessions, mock interviews and hopefully hook students up. I quickly signed up since its limited. My school is in a village/rural area/ very fairytale fantasy place in the South so companies hardly come all the way to recruit us though we are ranked very high and all (Location, Location, Location) this is an opportunity so I'm spending that time hearing Banking, Finance and Consulting gist.

Seek ye first the kingdom and everything else will be added. I believe!

Can I get a witness?



T.W.O Clothing Line

I stayed away from fashion for a while now because either Tigerbites, Bella or Nigerianfashionfreak's blogs address that field.

Just in case you haven't yet heard about this line.

Anyway, there is this new line called T.W.O (Tolu, Wendi, Odiri) which I totally adore plus kinda knew the designers from way back then in school and facebook. Lol!
It's so far not like any Nigerian 'clothing' line that designs like ten dresses and thats it! I'm overwhelmed by their collection since I'm used to seeing so little. I wish the young business women tremendous success!


Make sure you check them out, cash and carry: t.w.o@live.co.uk

T.W.O Fabulous!
Thoughts anyone?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michelle Williams: Unexpected

She was my absolute favorite in Destiny's Child. I had both her gospel albums and now she's doing something different in her album UNEXPECTED. I LOVE HER and her new singles are awesomeness: We break Dawn, Hello heartbreak, Stop this car and The greatest.

Check her website and Myspace to listen:



Hello Heartbreak and We Break Dawn are my absolute favs!

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CeJJkiJ6-Q0

I'm banging my head- hola if it actually has an effect on your senses!

Viva DC-Michelle!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Lagos and Lies: Abuja's guilt

I went on Bella Naija a while ago and saw her post on Gossip Girl LIVE IN LAGOS, fake accents and all and The New York Times' article on opulence in Lagos.


Yippie! was my first reaction, now the world can see there is more to us than AIDS, Malaria, Hunger and all that rubbish. Then I realized that with majority of our country's population living on less than $1 a day (N120 imagine) we really are a wicked bunch of people.

I am the thriftiest, stingiest (in a good way), economical Ijebu-Igbo girl I've met without being to hustler-down to earth ish. Lol! At Here's my average weekly expense at least for this summer in Abuja during my internship:

N1200 Taxi cab (I try for safety and all)

N800 Half plate of jollof, coconut or fried rice

N150 Maltina or Fanta twice a week

N1300 Credit that's like N500 for 3 days

N350 randoms acts of kindness/treats

In all that's N3800 almost N4000 if i did the math well. I had shawarma indulgence but have avoided cinemas, bowling alleys, concerts and (popular ajebutter hangout spots) and I'm supposed to be thrifty middle class???? With majority of my people (wayyy older than 19yr old me) living on N900 a week, dunno how I'll survive.

Thank God, my family can eat in an expensive Chinese restaurant not every month but a few times in a year. What of those who will never eat more that once a day?

It makes me think of how privileged I am that even though I don't have a car but can afford a cab.

My hustler cousin who wasn't raised as 'aje' as me took me to the market. She made me enter Abuja 'Danfo'- green and white buses instead of a cab. It was squashed up with people, no seat belts Duh cause of overcrowding, the 'scent' and 'odour' of what truly defined Nigeria: The masses. I couldn't complain.

That experience made me smile as a certified Nigerian. What 70% of the population goes through everyday.

We paid N60 for the ride saving us N200 if we had used a taxi. If God didn't bless me small this uncomfortable danfo would be my pimped up ride every blessed day.

At least I can afford a cab.

The worse is the so called rich who still have the guts to exploit. Cows of Bashan! (Secondary school CRS class..lol). We went to my villa this summer and on the way back we went to this place where fresh fish is sold. The Hausa guy was complaining that a woman came in a 'BIG' car to buy fish of N2,150 (N150 probably being his profit again change that to dollars). She gave him N2,000 and zoomed of in her SUV. If she could afford that ride as much as to show it off in Abuja why couldn't she just pay the full price. Later, she'll eat the fish with her children. What if that Hausa guy decided to quit selling fish and be cheated by rich folks instead to join armed robbery and pick a couple of millions every week. That lady will be first hit as well as many of us who hiss and say to ourselves "why the heck does a low class Hausa man need N150?"

If you believe in juju, the fish bone might choke someone to the nearest clinic too. Abi?

I'm not justifying crime but it starts from somewhere so I vowed to try and give tips when I can afford, not bargain uneccesarily. Simon Kolawole of Thisday newspaper wrote an article, "one day the people will rebel" basically saying the housemaid, driver, washer man, cook/chef and staff of the wealthy can see the Ghana-must-goes of cash, designer items, the restaurants and joints you hangout, the mall you shop in, which they would never have/afford and one day will rebel. We pray armed robbers won't come near our houses but we can't give a little donation.

Though the article was directed towards corrupt government officials, it applies to all the privileged who ignore whats happening in our poor, backward, 3rd world continent.

Think of that guy that sells credit making maybe N200 a day and pray he doesn't decide to channel his frustration elsewhere.

I keep asking my self what the point is. Why do we have to eat Portuguese, Thai or Chinese, Shawarma DAILY!!!!, go to pricey concerts, visit the cinema DAILY, be spotted carrying Louis Vuitton?

That's if you don't have the dosh for it which levels are you tryna prove?

Thank God for luxury but as we enjoy them lets not forget those who don't have the opportunity to every be like me, you or us.

At least I can afford a cab.

If money if about to leave your wallet, purse of account think of what you can do to help someone. As long as 70% of Africa is poor, no one gives a HOOT if you spend summers abroad, live the glam life and have a fabulous job. You'll only bee seen as the wicked bourgeoisie too who can't even give crumbs to Lazarus.

Thank God for his mercies.
Again I'm from a middle class family, 19 years old, want to enjoy all the luxuries of life and hoping I don't become a Cow of Bashan. Simplemente!!!!!

Ladi is back in US and can resume blogging and releasing her inner frustrations.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Ladi lives

She does!

I've finally finished my internship so time to breath and blog.

In the midst of the stress two of my closest buddies went through tough period one lost the dad (RIP) and the other was hospitalised for weeks.

Instead of relying on them to be there for me all the time it was my turn to try and be there for them. My biggest fear was saying and doing the wrong things in an attempt to show some Ladi love.

Sometimes silence is better thats if powerful prayers are backing it up which I tried to not stop doing.

I learnt that God does everything for a reason. Though we say it all the time we hardly believe it but eventually its as true as truth could ever be.

I thank God for the strength he has given you. I pray for lasting comfort for you and your whole family. May God fill every void and supply every need of y'alls according to his will. 2008 is still promising so goodluck with everything can't till you graduate (Lol!).

Babe, I wish and pray for complete recovery. I wish you could come back to yankee so we can have our cheap/free 2 hour long conversations. Who will I 'gossip' stock markets, business, and politics with. Sha, shey you get credit for phone? We'll yarn joh!

Time and prayer heals so I'll keep kneeling and keep living....


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Married Away.......

So this girl I knew since childhood is getting married. She is seventeen years and her well-educated economist-banker father flogged the crap out of her to force her to accept some older dude's hand in marriage.

"An raba goro" (shared the kolanut) a.k.a traditional wedding invitationin form of kolanut distribution. So its one step taken already. I feel for the girl 'cause I'll rather she stupidly marry some highschool darling than be forced to marry an older dude obviously for some business or some other lame religious or traditional reasons. Kai, the thing is paining me because she'll either be like hardened wayyy to early or taken advantage of and divorsed in a matter of finger snaps with a baby or two to her belt.


The trend is now is "saki" (divorce) as per one hausa chic will be divorsed and remarried in a matter of weeks. An average northern woman I know has been married twice, thrice-ish because the marriages have hardly been about love. I'm not tripping.

This single mother who lived near us and was sort of a family friend moved out of the area into her second hubbys house but is now back doing renovations 'cause the second round didn't work out. Another one's husband woke up one day and said "You are fired" (like in The Apprentice Africa's version specifically). She later remarried as number 3 so we'll see how stuff works out as the third.
I know Babangida's daughter left the first husband andjust married a northern governor as the third. The first lady of that state has since collapsed and has high blood pressure (Daily Trust Newspaper of a few days ago). Actually the third wife instead of the first was introduced as the first lady without prior agreement or something. (FUNNY!!! May she get better Amen!)

One rich relative's wedding that milions were spent on asoebi's, gold jewellery ("gwal") and all glitz and glam. I think the son from that marriage is in his grandparents house 'cause the business transaction came to wraps and the return on investment might have been low. Was there love sef?

And this kind of stuff didn't happen in the earlier generation oh! I think we're getting greedier, thirstier, hungrier and more desirous of wealth, power, connection, alliance like we're in the 10th century of African chiefs and stuff.

I've raked!!!!


Friday, June 6, 2008

Thisday Style and Vanity

So sorry for lack of updating. Ofcourse I'm in Nigeria right now and too lazy to drag myself to and internet serving computer.

So thanks for the "have a great summer: messages but Delabique (thanks mucho!), I'm not done with school yet though I wish I was done so I coulsd do my masters and NYSC by the time I turn 21.

So to my topic.

The issue of pictures as a means of satisfying out vain desires. I read an article by Helen Ajayi (Thisday Style..She's awesome cause only her articles stick to my head. The fashion tips change so often that leopard print is the -ish for the month only to hear next week that purple is the new LBD- little black dress and next week its actually green that is timeless. Ah! another fashionista will now declare its Greek inspired outfits now I'm confused so I only rip styles for my tailor off Thisday Style's weekly magazine and read Helen Ajayi and a little Tiger Bites.)

Kai, I diverted.

So Helen Ajayi talked about the "Fine art of boasting." The topic was too sweet she had I, II and III of the article. Everything from flaunting handbags to PDA- public displays of affection and faked phone conversations as current means of boasting or proving levels by women, men and young kiddos.

I'm not sure she belongs to any of those new online networking stuff- Facebook, Hi5, Tickle, Friendster and the likes. But I wish she had included them in a better way than I'm about to.

So Facebook, the one that succeeded in getting human beings to add 20 something albums and 5million pictures leading to the Facebook-addiction phenomenon of logging on to view a message your friend sent you only to end up spending 2 hours looking at young people shopping at Zara and standing in front of Harrods, eating in Abuja's Ceddi Plaza, lining up to enter Silverbird's or Nu Metro's Cinema or the KING OF VANITY- taking pictures of yourself by simply experimenting in your privacy the perfect smile, lifting your hands up and click-flash-taken.

Oh and the "i have a new boo" or "snog, snog We're in love"- a rising phenomenon. I only pity those who wrap up shortly after. Ladi is not jealous but there is an extent so I'm officially immune. If you can't makeout on the streets of Lagos then don't post em on facebook or I'll print it or email it to...


One of my girlfriend's boo 'banned' her from posting any pictures of him on the internet. She even has to crop pictures that happened to include him leaving everyone who is ignorant about the relationship suspicious asking"who's shadow is that in the picture?" Lol!

And they are the most perfect couple every-one is soooo jealous they don't have to fake photoshoots to make everyone green.

I smell vanity.

Just Ladi's thoughts.

I'll be starting working soon so if the demon of Nigerian Men(tality) strikes blogville will hear sharp sharp!!!!!

Snog Snog!!!!

I'll be posting my own pictures soon..just kidding! maybe!!!!

Friday, May 23, 2008


I'm in 9ja now. Nepa and mosquitoes are an awesome combo.....


Sunday, May 11, 2008


I saw Bishop Tutu and took pictures with him so thats awesome.

Been working so hard with graduation at my school for the past three days so my legs are killing.

I'm sooo sleepy right now and packing up all the junk from my room to move out.

Countingdown to going to 9ja. I called home and they told me NEPA had just taken light.

I guess I'm counting down to less electricity supply.


I have gotten all my online orders so good for me.

What is Naija Chickito's latest blog entry talking about. Is any one worried or is it me?

Later mutane (people).

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Ladilicious Damage..more Splurging..Nobel prizes

There's nothing better the home calling to say I'm going shopping. So I did earlier yesterday and went to the mall later. As per, "buy this, buy that, for your cousin, e heh, your aunty," okay oh! Instructions heard remaining to damage the kudi.

I ended up buying like 3 cotton dresses and one blazer for myself and A LOT for my family. I went to GAP kids to shop for my sisters and I looked like one small baby mama buying clothes for her kids. LOL! I ended up clearing myself by gisting with a store assistant about how I couldn't return the clothes because I lived across the atlantic, and I was an african princess who came shopping all the wayyy to SHOP (okay I didn't tell her I was a princess oh biko!)

Anyway, I call my shopping trip damage to my debit card and being the end of the semester there's not quite much in there so to be shopping like that, its DAMAGE!!!!

So my I-Pod has arrived I need to pick it up from the post office..Yei!

Ladi is done with final exams and packing. MADNESS! My room is the hottest mess and I'll go to sleep like that and continue for the remaining few days I have here.

Secret: I'm gonna see (hopefully meet and take a picture, AMEN) with Bishop Desmond TuTu before I head out of this country so before the month ends. He's going around and will be at my yankee village of a school so oya pray for me 'cuz na hustle, I dey hustle.

Actually, they have MILO, the chocolate drink in South Africa and they are trying to impress him so guess who's supplying Milo for the Nobel Prize winner? Ladilious mehn (not confirmed yet) but I am theo only human being with Milo so imagine cooking Indomie for Mandela?

Is anyone feeling me here????? eh eh eh?????

This Arewa (northern) chic is going places.

Toh, Sai anjima mutane,

(Later people)


Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Splurging Habits. My ruffles, I-pod, and Me

I have taken three finals in three courses, one more left to do on Tuesday so my study break is to well, blog!

So my awesomeness of a closest friend got me a Forever21 gift card for my birthday and I bought the ruffled tops I've been making noise about..lol!

I bought an I-Pod, it took three seconds to order it online so I got a 1GB shuffle in red. The AIDS in AFRICA one..lol. I actually like red and its a good cause so I dropped a 'whooping' $49 and $3.88 in tax.

I ordered an engraving on it too. Way to immortalise oneself= story for another day.

Its my birthday present for myself.

1GB is 240 songs kinda so that enough for me. I can't be slaving myself to music. And I don't want to watch videos on my I-Pod. TV addiction is bad enough. Now you tube and free-episodes online...Kai, this generation eh?

Plus, In 9ja you can't be carrying an I-Pod the size of a remote control cause those area folks will just do you jazzy so the smaller, the less noticeable, the better.

See how I'm giving reasons for cheapness? Lol, But I think I made a smart choice.

Till I see ya in my mail box.

Is it me or has anyone also gotten addicted to Kini Big deal by Naeto C? I was even singing it during my spanish exam. Stil love Lagimo by Rooftop MCs still.


Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Lagimo by Rooftop MCs

Is it me or is anyone feeling this song. Not the beat but the message is so powerful if more people thought less of themselves and worked more to God's glory and less to public opinion....

private jet at 35, mansion by the lake, ladies screaming...etc (that's the lyrics....)

I have been preached too today.

Thank BellaNaija for bring to my attention.

Oya y'all listen and watch the video. I'm officially off youtube.


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Nigerian Men (tality) 6

I want to do something in the banking-finance sector but my experience and been endless everyday encounters with dudes with the mentality in question.

Everyone has their hit-on encounters but for someone with my personality, I have to rant and rave. I've had an unhealthy dose of unintelligent folks.

So,  the next story 

I was sent to run errands to numerous banks so I had to walk in and out from one bank to the other. I went into an old-generation bank to perform my task when the errand-takers asked me to write my name, number, signature and all that stuff. I thought it was totally unnecessary to the errand but I did anyway. As soon as I was done and stepped out of the building, my phone started ringing.

I was like "ah ah!" to the unknown number. I could only think of my boss calling. I answered the unknown number only to hear a guy's voice. An older guy definitely... or too old for me.

"Eh, Eh, Eh You just stepped out of my bank now and Eh, Eh"

He was stammering "eh, eh" = nonsense talk in my interpretation

I hung up. Trouble don start be dat.

I was walking into my next stop- another bank so I had to switch off my phone.

When I got back home in the night of course, that number I had now stored as "bank dude" kept calling. What the heck? It was not business by the way I'm confident I didn't screw up my responsibility plus he would be stammering nervous so why was he calling?

I didn't answer. Omo-fronting for a stranger (duh!) I got a text saying "I know good things when I see them. Please pick up."

Lust eh?

Sorry that made it worse for me. I was disgusted by this stranger. For all I knew he could have been ....something-someone-somebody creepy or maybe I was just plain paranoid.

He finally gave up but wait I'm supposed to look 12yrs old right?

I almost picked up to tell him I was the MD's daughter sent on an errand because I was too SPLOIT to handle the real world. 

I went back to the bank for the same errand and put my female boss's number there. Let them call her and say they know good things when they see them.

I'm still complaining because the very next second someone is appalled that I look to young too work in a bank and someone else in taking advantage of my 'naivete' ????


the Men (tality) in Nigeria.

Ubangiji Allah ya taimake mu! (God help us!)


Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Nigerian Men (tality) 5

I've not updated in forever..students oh!

Sha, Nigerian Men (tality) where did I stop?

The Mallam B where I worked. I was filing as usual when a customer, a man aged 50yrs or more came to my unit transfer money to his son in university up north.

Okay, being the intern and him the big man (can't stand in queues), I went and did the whole transfer thing. When I came back with his tracking number, he started whispering "foot ya number" (the Hausa accent wasn't that bad I'm just exaggerating) I thought he meant the tracking number so I dropped the card that had the number on it. Then he turned the card around to the blank side and stylishly slid it towards me and repeated his request. He was talkinge made sure my boss (northern female) didn't see him or suspect his 'naughtiness.' I ignored him and continued filing.

I opened a drawer beside him to take out some slips and before I knew it his expensive phone had landed in the drawer along side his whispering "put your number."

"Chei!!!" (melodramatic shock)

His son is in University (my age-group) so how will the father be asking for my number unless to do matchmaking. Someone that 'fishy-ish' is not okay upstairs. Which kin matchmaking? You and your son will be competeing?

My Dad is not up to 50 so "Granpa,...I hate this Nigerian Men (tality)."

Wait I'm supposed to look 12 right?

He never came back during my internship there so thank God but I would have gathered more guts to handle the situation.

Two Mallams down, one 'hood boy stalker, one market agboro...our country eh?

More reminiscing to come....and check out the older Men (tality) posts.


What website could I find tickets to Abuja?

Friday, March 28, 2008


I've have personally been complaining about how bloggers have not been updating. Then I realized I also blogged too. kai! Its been some helluva past few days. My Uncle left after easter monday and one thing with Nigerian uncles is they always leave some 'canji' (Hausa for change as per money) so 'godiya' (thanksgiving).

I'm seriously searching for a plane ticket to go home. The only good ticket I've found is a Lufthansa that takes me to Germany then Equatorial Guinea? That makes me 'na wa' in my head but I want to fly British Airways. last year I got a mega-cheap ticket from BA under $1400 return ticket to Abuja for more than 2months duration I dunno why this year is proving difficult.

Anyway, Niyi Tabiti has been stealing blog ville show for the past few weeks with gist from Nollywood and LA (as per Lagos..lol!). I'm personally addicted a Perez meets E!news..I Like!

I saw the Most Beautiful girl in Nigeria contestants and the fact that 7o% of them came from one ethnic group bothered me. I love Igbos but kai whats up with Igbo girls represented ALL of the northern states. Even the ones with full-fledged Sharia had some hoochy looking photos.

Here, I know a true Alabama girl will rep Alabama with her southern-country accent the way a Hawaiian will and Rhode Islander....I don't like the lack of diversity but since they've accused us of having 'high morals' according to a comment on BellaNaija, Za mu huta (we'll rest).

I'll catch up small on blogging soon.

Take care!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


This was my final pick. The one I loved the most went out of syock so these two. I find it hard choosing between the sleeves?

Which color?

I'm so undecisive but I might end up with the secong one though the sleeves don't seem timeless to me.

Happy Easter weekend.

I had an argument with one of my best-est buddies (dudes eh?)

My weekend has been rough I need to go counselling next week (Kolo alert?)

Please pray for me.

My uncle is coming from Abuja to visit so thats one good thing this weekend.

The lala oh!.

God's blessing y'all!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Nigerian Folktale: ANANSI AND TURTLE

Author: unknown
Courtesy of MotherLand Nigeria's website.

One day Anansi the spider picked some very fat and tasty yams from his garden. He baked them with much care and they came out smelling quite delicious. He could not wait to sit down and eat them.

Just then there was a knock at his door. It was Turtle, who had been traveling all day and was very tired and hungry.

"Hello, Anansi," said Turtle. "I have been walking for so long, and I smelled the most delicious yams I've ever smelled. Would you be so kind as to share your meal with me?"

Anansi could not refuse, as it was the custom in his country to share your meal with visitors at mealtime. But he was not very happy, for Anansi was a little too greedy and wanted the delicious yams all to himself. So Anansi thought to himself and came up with a scheme.

"Please do come in, Turtle. I would be honored to have you as my guest this evening. Sit down, have a chair and help yourself."

Turtle came inside and sat down, but just as he reached for a yam, Anansi yelled, "Turtle, don't you know better than to come to the table with dirty hands?"

Turtle looked down at his hands and saw that they were filthy. He had been crawling all day and had not had a chance to clean up. Turtle got up and went to the river to clean his feet. He walked all the way back up to the house and Anansi had already begun to eat.

"I didn't want these tasty yams to get cold, so I had to begin," said Anansi. "But please do join me now, Turtle."

Turtle sat down again and reached for a yam, but again Anansi yelled at him.

"Turtle, did you not hear me before? It is not polite to come to the table with dirty hands!"

He looked down and saw that his clean hands had turned dirty once more, since he had to crawl on them to get back to the house. So he walked down to the river once more to wash himself off. And when he returned this time, he was careful to walk on the grass so his hands would stay clean. But by the time he sat down at the table, Anansi had finished up the last bit of the tasty yams and not so much as a morsel was left.

Turtle looked at Anansi for a moment and then said, "Thank you for sharing your meal with me. If you ever find yourself near my house, please let me return the favor." And then he slowly walked out the door and continued on his way. The days went by and Anansi thought more and more of that meal that Turtle had offered. He got more and more interested in a free dinner and finally could not stand it anymore. He set off one day to find Turtle's house.

He found Turtle sunning himself on a riverbank just around dinnertime.

Turtle looked up and saw him and said, "Hello, Anansi, have you come to share evening meal with me?"

"Oh yes, yes!" said Anansi, who was growing hungrier and hungrier by the minute. Turtle went underwater to his house to set up the dinner table for the two of them. Soon he came back to the bank and said, "Your place is waiting and the food is ready. Please join me, Anansi."

And then he dived underwater and began to slowly eat his meal.

Anansi jumped into the water, but could not get down to the bottom of the river. He tried to swim down, but he was so light that he kept popping back up to the surface.

He tried diving. He tried belly flops. He tried a running jump, but nothing would help him get down to the river bottom.

In the meantime, Turtle was slowly eating his meal.

Anansi was not about to give up a free meal, and was running around wondering what he would do. Finally he had an idea. He started grabbing stones and rocks and stuffed them into his jacket pockets.

Now when he jumped into the water he sank right down to the bottom and was able to take his place at the table.

The table was so beautiful and full of delicious foods. Anansi could hardly believe how many tasty foods were before him and could not wait to start his meal.

But just as he reached for the first morsel, Turtle stopped eating and spoke. "In my country, we do not wear our jackets to the table." Anansi noticed that Turtle had removed his own jacket before sitting down. Anansi started to remove his jacket, and as soon as it was off of his shoulders, he went zooming back up to the surface and popped out onto the riverbank. He stuck his head down into the water and saw Turtle slowly enjoying that wonderful banquet.

Moral of the story: When you try to outsmart someone, you may find that you're the one outsmarted.

The LaLa for today: I couldn't stop but giggle for a lil' thinking of my frequent experience with 9ja fellows trying to pull stunts on me. Anyway, forget Nigerian stereotypes and lets stop ripping each other off 'cause you'll be ripped off too. Lol!


Thursday, March 13, 2008

Soul E and Queen Ure

Everyone in Nigeria has probably heard about this couple and their 12.5 years age gap with former banker, Queen Ure being the older one or 'couger' as Hollywood calls Demi Moore and co. Check the gossip sections for the full gist.

Blogger Niyi Tabiti did a post on them: http://niyitabiti.blogspot.com/2008/02/nigerias-most-controversial-hip-hop.html

Recently, Funmi Iyanda's talk show, New Dawn, featured Soul E and Queen Ure to talk about their 'controversial' marriage and rising Church ministry. Honestly, the interview has altered my thinking a bit.


Great vids!

The Lala today... and I finally went to the mall and got one white ruffled top but still pick one of the ruffled tops from my last post so I can order one or two more online.

Have a blessed weekend!


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Ruffled and Tumbled.....

I have my spring break so its lazying around for me...TV, blogging, Facebooking, Window Shopping online, Calling, Daydreaming of ..., cooking, reading and sleeping.

I need office wear even though I don't have an internship yet. So I've been exploring online but I seriously need a 'serious' trip to the mall ASAP!

So ruffles are my new addiction. I spend hours looking for ruffled tops online. The only problem is I can't find my size (XS) Extra Small in my fav stores or in superb good quality. If you read my Polyester Debate post, you'll know that I'm trying to give up polyester and 'unknown' fabrics and going more natural and quality- Cotton, Linen and Silk unless otherwise not mentioned on the clothes tag.

Here's my fav ruffled blouses. They are all either cotton or cotton-silk blends. So please help me.

Which are your picks?

#1 kinda my least fav...but I lack blue in my closet so its an option

#2 this is tres fabulosa y muy bonita (very chic)

#3 I absolutely love the 'subtle' ruffling (grammar chei!)

#4 (same as #3 just different color.)

#5 I love this one but lunch time stew stains can't ruin a fashionista's reputation in Cashmere Mafia mode...Naaa! I still love it (mega LOL!)

#6 this one will prevent palm oil stains.

Courtesy: Forever 21 website http://www.forever21.com/

Alternatively, my tailor in Abuja can imitate these and sew me new ruffled tops to perfect fit (Kai, these Nigerian people!!!) Even those Mallams in y'all work/internship (check last post-Nigerian Men (tality) case 4) will be submitting their CVs and Resumes (Hiss and LOL)

Shebi the Tailor can nail the job? All I need is fabrics (Walmart fabric section, here I come).

What do y'all think? The best? Suggest any websites too please.

Now I need blazers (I saw Tigerbites' post. Damn this material world????)

The LaLa sha,


Nigerian Men (tality) series will be continued...Cases 1, 2 and 3 so far http://missladidi.blogspot.com/2008/03/nigerian-men-tality-part-1.html http://missladidi.blogspot.com/2008/03/nigerian-men-tality-2.html More 'Cases' and ranting of an under 21 yarinya (girl) to come....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Nigerian Men (tality) 3

Just in case you're wondering, I'm trying to recall and narrate awkward hit-on encounters from the perspective of an under 21yr old. This is the fourth case against our my 9ja fellas, mallams and brodas.


Last summer, when I was interning at a financial institution, I met 2 Mallam-Alhaji dudes (my papa figures right? coming from the same region). Wait before I get there, Everyone claimed I looked 12 or 14 age wise (I did a post about those who looked younger than their real ages in AGELESS BEAUTIES) and I've heard I don't look 'northern' so keep that in mind for the continuing story (Did a post on HAUSA Stereotypes).

Anyway, despite being seen as a kiddo at work, these two mallams decided I was old, vacant and fit enough. (HISS!) Mallam A. came to get a loan or something that had nothing to do with my department but somehow, he was always lurking around talking to one of my unit's bosses (a Hausa man too). So after two days of coming to the bank, He finally caught me while I was filing documents. Stylishly, swiftly, and sharply, he asked,

"whats your name?"

For the sake of customer service and of course respect for elders I told him my English first name. Then he said

"So,...I am interested can I apply?"

In my mind, I'm like " apply for a job, or a loan?"


In reality it hit me "honey, he just hit on you, a 14yr old look-alike. Paedo-!!!"

I don't know what he was thinking and the benefits attached to a sucessful application but I left the filing to find work else where. He spent the next 2 or 3 hours chilling in the visitors room sending another intern to call me. Unfortunately, I had errands in that area so I did 'matrix' back and forth.

Anyway, I eventually had to face him and started intentionally started speaking hausa. He was shocked to his bones. Sorry, I'm going to be stereotypical but did he think I was some loose-ass omoge tryna sip Alhaji- Sugar daddy's liquidity (economics joke. Lol! byw, liquidity means cash availability). The Hausa was good shocker already so I'll be calling my Baba to ship him to 'Kano courts' if he continues submitting 'applications.'

Finally, the chica he sent to call me (for the tenth time or something) delivered his 'application' message in front of one of my bosses (the hausa man I mentioned earlier). He asked "whatsup?" and I told him. See vexing oh! Anyway, the news kinda spread and people tried to protect me from the dude without spoiling any show.

Imagine, somebody everyone thought was 14yrs old getting 'applications' from grown ass obviously married mallams? Thats my problem- the age factor. So in his eyes (without asking me) I looked like a 23yr old vacancy? I don't understand. Trying to find he's daughter's agemate to add to his harem. He better hit reset button and find legitimate vacancy 'cause qualifications are lacking.

May God forgive his intentions.

More on Mallam B.

The LaLa so far,...


Thursday, March 6, 2008

Nigerian Men (tality) 2


One night, in summer, I got a missed call from a some random number. Thinking it was 'someone' I knew I called back only to find out that it was a payphone (like the roadside ones). I was expecting a phone call that night so I was kinda pissed.


Later, I received a call from another number I still couldn't recognize. Only to pick and hear some husky girly voice. It sounded like a tomboy I knew in school( but why in the world was she calling me at 11pm?) I couldn't really hear what she was saying and hung up. Later that night, I got this text from the number asking to "be my friend."

(wahala dey!)

I was like "who is this? do I know you?"I was just wasting my credit. Lol! Before I knew, the person sent a text saying "the sun is shining why don't you come out a and talk to me a little." I found out that it was a dude. A total stranger and I was confident that this wasn't a prank His husky-girly voice was already a turn-off so page closed zero-chances for solar reactions (get the joke?)

I don't go out a lot. At least folks don't see me when I do. Clearly this guy lived near my house and knew someone who knows me very well. Through my investigative-detector runs, I found out the pay phone he use to call me. His personal phone number got the personalized british accented "an idiot is calling" ringtone. For the first time, I could actually use the insulting ringtone for a contact on my phone. He used to alternate between payphone and personal cell phone but I insisted on cracking down this dude. I even sent the our maid to lurk around the payphone area any time I knew he was calling with that particular phone.


Anyway, the guy will sit near my house, call me to say that I should come out the house to see him. Someone I don't know? Biko! He even knew when my dad drove in and out of the house. He said he was "new in the 'hood and trying to make friends." Na by force? I could either be raped, kidnapped or something scary 'cause this is a COMPLETE stranger I don't know and have never seen before. For real! I didn't think like that back then but what if???

(stalker alert !!!)

One day when my phone was blasting "an idiot is calling" and I was sure he was at that payphone place, I went there to "buy credit/top=up card." For one pimpled guy (4/10) to walk up to me and say that he was the dude that has been calling. He wasn't even fine Its not that 'fineness' is the most important feature but with a stalker attitude, the brit "idiot" ringtone was warranted. I gave him one red eye and one sentence and then crossed the road.

(Mission accomplished)

He hardly called in the next few days. Not like I picked when he did but one day, he called and said "babygyalll, why haven't you been picking my calls!" Thats when I lost it completely. I hate those words 'baby girl.' I hung up and Precious never called again.

"Sorry Patience, no vacancy. This yarinya is unavailable" no I didn't say that though.

Did I mention his name was Precious?

How did he even get my number?

I found out a year after that he knew my neighbour whom I suspect gave him the digits. I also saw him when I went to buy 'credit' last summer. I forgot his face and recognized him as soon as I heard his voice. He was asking for the 'school' fees in universities in London. That was the end of the conversation.

I don't even go to school in london. Can't he google search instead of making up some lame question?


Nigerian Men (tality)!

The LaLa for today.


Saturday, March 1, 2008

Nigerian Men (tality)- Part 1

I have issues with typical Nigerian men-boys-guys. I'm feminist in a Nigerian sense and believe me I don't hate them oh. I'm talking about the ones that fit the stereotype of the overpowering, exploitative, and the disrespectful toward women.

"listen to me woman!!!!,"

"I can't marry you, you can't cook, wash plates or mop floors"

"baby gyallll, my wife!!!" (to a five, ten, or sixteen year old)

I'll pass out quoting those irritating statements.

In addition, fingers in sinful motions, dilated pupils, lips getting moisturized by tongue licking = one word, "Eiiiwwww"

After graduation from secondary school (when every teenage girl thinks its her time to become a big chic), I met this girl from my graduating class. She was looking posh, a little older but she was only sixteen after enduring the ugliness we we're subjected to in boarding school, it was easy to conclude that she was smoking or whatever adjectives you can use.

Anyway, we talked for a bit and the issue of guys hitting on her came up. This 'wayyyy' older guy was chatting her up and she made it claer that she was only SIXTEEN years old and too young for him. His response?

"The younger the better."

The dude wasn't a teeneger but a grown ass man, thats my problem.PAEDOPHILE! What were his motives with my dear girlfriend?

"The younger the better??" WTHell????

See my problem.

Or in the market. Wuse market in abuja for example. I only wear huge bou-bous to go there now. No makeup and if possible, no earrings and a headtie. 'Cause those agboro boys will touch the 'ish' out of you with the aim of "come and buy my fine tops."

HELLO? I'm in a boubou honey, I don't need your tops. At least talk to me DON'T touch me.

So last summer, I was in the market with my mum to buy some stuff. I was lagging behind because some "boys" we're freaking the crap out of me. This one dude was pulling my arm trying to get me to buy a handbag telling me how 'fine' I was and if I was 'vacant'. I can't write everything here but I considered what was going on to be verbal and physical molestation of a mild sort though (BTW, I react to unwanted and unwarranted touch so at this point in time, I'm feeling abused).

Anyway, I got a full dose of nonsense and called out my mum, who was walking straight ahead of me doing her thing. In hausa I said "Mummy, ga dan iskan nan fa?" (see this crazy guy). She stepped back and by reflex, used her handbag to hit the guy. It lasted 3 seconds. The guy got the point. All the other market guys started scolding the dude since clearly, he's the one at fault.

I love my Mum.

More gist from the marketplace, church, locality and workplace.

See 9ja guys-boys-men oh! Not all though but can't anyone step away from being defined by stereotypes? I'm only writing this because I only go through those wierd hit-on encounters in 9ja.

More bashing to come. No, I adore my buddies so I'll call it criticism. Not all fit in this bracket I'll be placing folks in the next few days.


Friday, February 29, 2008

Stressing and Lipgloss popping

Damn! I've been so stressed out this week obviously 'cuz I'm a student but planning events, doing PR, writing essays and memos, taking mid-term tests (plus spring break coming up), I actually thought I was gonna breakdown. Two of my best buddies lost their loved ones(RIP) so that was more trauma. May God give them comfort.

Thank God, my problems are almost solved though with two events today and one mega one tomorrow evening, a history test on monday, I'm getting there slowing.

Updates with my lipgloss and mascara: so last week I felt like makeup, so I kajaled my eyes (extreme black pencil), did the mascara thing and lipglossed up. Afterwards, I went to the cafeteria only to hear my friend sing "its popping, its popping" RING A BELL? Lil Mama's Lipgloss song. As per, my lipgloss was serious popping I couldn't help but crack up and rubb it away to normalcy.

Anyway, I haven't stopped biting my lips unfortunately. My lips finally cracked. Literarily. CRACKED in the middle. Really painful but thanks to an overdose of Carmex chapped lips remedy, the lippys are back to normal ready to compete with lil mama.

That wasn't the end. I started breaking out on my face. I heard stress makes you break out with acne and pimples but I never thought it made sense but now it does. I have like 6 enemies sticking out of my fuska (face) which never happens. Sha, with good punishment from Clean and Clear and St. Ives, I'll be taking them down pretty soon.

Whats the 9ja 411? Check Funmi Iyanda, Linda Ikeji and Bella Naija.

Whats with Riyanna and Chris Brown? Hmmmm!

Jordin Sparks song with Chris Brown "No Air" is awesome. I love the video too.

Still hangin' there,


Saturday, February 23, 2008

NIGERIAN FOLKTALE: THE LEOPARD MAN and Nigerian Bill against indecency

Hey y'all. I'm extremely busy with work and planning the first ever African Week celebration in my school so I hope y'all feel me. Here is a folktale courtesy of Motherland Nigeria's website.

Enjoy the tale preferably under the moonlight. Lol!


A handsome stranger once came into a certain village and strolled about among the people in mysterious silence. All the maidens admired him and wished that he would choose one of them for his bride. But he said nothing, and at last walked away into the forest and disappeared from sight.

A month later the stranger came again, and this time one of the maidens fell so much in love with him that she resolved to follow him into the forest, as she could not bear to be separated from him.

When the stranger looked back and saw her coming behind him, he stopped, and begged her to return home; but she would not, and exclaimed, "I will never leave you, and wherever you go, I will follow."

"Beautiful maiden, you will regret it," replied the stranger sadly, as he hurried on.

After a while he stopped again, and once more begged her to retrace her steps. But she made the same reply, and again the handsome stranger said in sorrowful tones, "You will regret it, beautiful maiden!"

They went far into the depths of the forest, and at length reached a tree at the foot of which there lay a leopard skin.

Standing under the tree, the stranger began to sing a melancholy song, in which he told her that though he was allowed once a month to wander about in villages and towns like a man, he was in reality a savage leopard and would rend her in pieces as soon as he regained his natural form.

With these words he flung himself upon the ground, and immediately become a snarling leopard and began to pursue the terrified girl.

But fear gave such speed to her feet that he could not overtake her. As he pursued her he sang that he would tear her in small pieces, and she in another song replied that he would never overtake her.

For a great distance they ran, and then the maiden suddenly came to a deep but narrow river, which she could not cross. It seemed as if the leopard would catch her after all. But a tree, which stood on the riverbank, took pity on her and fell across the river, so that she was able to cross.

At last, nearly exhausted, she came to the edge of the forest and reached the village in safety. The leopard, disappointed of its prey, slunk back into the forest, and the handsome stranger was never seen again.

Source: M. I. Ogumefu, Yoruba Legends
(London: The Sheldon Press, 1929), no. 12, pp. 18-20.
From Folklore and Mythology site


Have y'all heard of the proposed Nigerian bill against indecency, nudity and all. Check out Funmi Iyanda'S BLOG which has the full gist.

Read the Comments on her blog too. https://www.blogger.com/comment.g?blogID=35104533&postID=4689063881587616088

My opinion is that girls and women should have access to education, employment, and infrastructure, non-discrimination, no forced marriage or genital mutilation, maltreatment (especially of widows). There should be justice for rapists and sex offenders rather than placing blame on a beautiful girl (God-given beauty who happens to be wearing a long skirt, long-sleeved shirt, head tie and flip flops....Did her dressing have anything to do with being a victim? Yet she was.)

When all of these issues are settled, the government can choose to tackle moral issues. In fact, morals are for the society, family, Churches and Mosques to handle because decency is subject to numerous definitions interpretations.

Pray for Nigeria this weekend.

Take care and have a blessed one.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Polyester debate

I love watching What not to Wear (Clinton and Stacy's US version). Usually I catch it every friday evening and Saturday mornings. I'm not sure if I'll ever be ready to give out all the clothes and shoes in my closet for $5000 spree to be spent according to their "rules." Oh well, they'll definitely do a good job getting quality, fitting pieces but until then,...

The show's hosts repeatedly condemn polyester. Me, I decided to follow suit/ take their advice of not buying polyester items. Their motive behind it, I dunno. I mean, cotton is comfortable, silk fancy and all but sometimes we just need to cover our heavenly temples abi thats the point of clothes in the first place? What if its 30% polyester, 20% rayon, 35%cotton and 15% spandex all bleneded together?

So I went through my favorite items in the closet. This top I got from Wetseal, Japanese-styled print. I thought it was silk oh! I LOVE IT SHA!!!

No, I'm not that daft to not recognize sik but when I was buying it, It looked good enough plus it was kinda pricey compared to the other stuff in the store. As of then,these television people were not dictating what kinds to fabrics were deadly fashion sins.

The top ended up being polyester. I'll still be rocking the top 'cuz at least the 4 times I've worn it, compliments showered.

Next item: My 'fleece' jacket.

For some reason fleece blazers seem to be in fashion (preppy winter fashion). In my oyibo joint sha. I almost screamed when I realized the jacket was polyester. So what? I came back to my right senses when I realized that I wasn't Paris Hilton. I really am not bothered; it is too much TV getting to me.

Next: 'Satin' dress

Even this 'satin' dress I lurrvve ended up being polyester.

Actually, not of the above items look cheap. Sometimes the price per yard of the materials sings to your face others know how to fake-it.

"Made in China" has suceeded. Kudos???? Maybe

Well, I'm not trashing the polyester stuff yet. I shall hold on till size, and trend do us part.

New shopping rules for me: Cotton, Linen, Silk .

Not really!

I decided to follow What not to Wear show's rules and purchase more natural fabrics though.

Oya scrutinize your closets for those polyester items. Apparently, its not only style/design. The fashion police will also be arresting for improper use of fabric- even if it looks expensive.



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