Monday, December 31, 2007

The Future Awards and Arewa folks

Okay, its 3:30am and I can't sleep and decided instead to start gearing myself for the future with some motivation fron Nigeria's most prestigious young people's award, THE FUTURE AWARDS. Anyway I noticed two Hausa Mallams on the nominee list so let me say: "That excites me."
They are Mubarak Muhammed Abdulai (Nominated for Young Person of the Year) and Ali Nuhu (Best Actor)

Seriously, Northerners aren't taken seriously in 9ja or we're kinda silent in our own different way so its good that theres some diversity going on the list of young people making an impact in Nigeria. Whats left is an Arewa Chica there and pretty soon we should be reaching that aim.

Till then, keep praying for the New Year, close your eyes...


Heres Zee Puture Nizeriya Link (accented!)


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