Saturday, December 29, 2007

African Music Legends 2 and Wedding Bells

Okay, I said I was going to talk about Brenda Fassie (RIP) today, well everyone knew her but I am absolutely in love with her song "Ag Shame Lovey" (didn't know that was the name before o!) its the Mi do do la do ti, one leg forward, one leg backward, just move ur body, shake ur head...betcha got it now. I even mimed it it primary school. lol. Here's the video:

Another hit of hers is the Wedding classic song she sang. I love the kids in the two videos.

Talking of weddings, today is my Aunt's wedding in Yola and unfortunately I can't attend it. AWW!! I want to wear asheobi, dance and all Anyway, I'll sweat it and wishing her a Happy Married Life. Kai, Aure na da dadi! (hausa folks ya get?)

Ni ce (hausa for 'its me'),

Miss Ladi.


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