Monday, December 31, 2007

The Future Awards and Arewa folks

Okay, its 3:30am and I can't sleep and decided instead to start gearing myself for the future with some motivation fron Nigeria's most prestigious young people's award, THE FUTURE AWARDS. Anyway I noticed two Hausa Mallams on the nominee list so let me say: "That excites me."
They are Mubarak Muhammed Abdulai (Nominated for Young Person of the Year) and Ali Nuhu (Best Actor)

Seriously, Northerners aren't taken seriously in 9ja or we're kinda silent in our own different way so its good that theres some diversity going on the list of young people making an impact in Nigeria. Whats left is an Arewa Chica there and pretty soon we should be reaching that aim.

Till then, keep praying for the New Year, close your eyes...


Heres Zee Puture Nizeriya Link (accented!)

Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Year Resolutions 2, Tigerbites and Jamaica

Okay, just showed my blog some love and did a post on New year resolutions which you should definitely read it. Theres also tips on outfits to wear on New Year's so open your eyes and start the year in style.Just click on the link-

As for me, I have to figure out how to start my year right. I am in a lil' town in US suffering from scarcity of Nigerian culture, which I absolutely love (farty (hausa accent), jollof rice, moimoi, salad, peppersoup...KAI!! I'm hungry already) so I can only embrace oyibo style from Eve's Church to New Year celebration/ festivities (if any).

As for my volunteering gist, I am going to Jamaica this weekend for an outreach trip. So I guess I'm starting the year with giving. I'm very excited about being in Bob Marley's hometown, Trench Town and all. Anyway, I hope this news gets someone jealous so I feel accomplished in a special way.

Anyway, lets start counting down to 2008. Close your eyes and pray.....


Count down to 2008

Okay, enough with the musicians in my last posts. Lets talk about 2008. Naturally, we detoxing all the mess of 2007 from ourselves and making RESOLUTIONS, the toughest part of this season (Karya ne! not really the toughest). Anyway, I have to make my resolutions and if you need help making yours, heres a list of common ones in the US:

Lose Weight
Pay Off Debt
Save Money
Get a Better Job
Get Fit
Eat Right
Get a Better Education
Drink Less Alcohol
Quit Smoking Now
Reduce Stress Overall
Reduce Stress at Work
Take a Trip
Volunteer to Help Others

Heres how to achieve 'em:

Gaskiya, not all of these applies to us Nigerians but we could get a lil' help from 'yan Amirka (hausa for "Americans"). The items on this list relevant to me are probably save money, reduce stress and volunteer more. As for, volunteering, I have more dadin labari for y'all.

So keep cracking your brains for resolutions, make 'em, keep 'em and don't forget to start the New Year with a spiritual life. We need God to carry us through.

Takecare y'all

'yar arewa,

Miss Ladi

Saturday, December 29, 2007

African Music Legends 2 and Wedding Bells

Okay, I said I was going to talk about Brenda Fassie (RIP) today, well everyone knew her but I am absolutely in love with her song "Ag Shame Lovey" (didn't know that was the name before o!) its the Mi do do la do ti, one leg forward, one leg backward, just move ur body, shake ur head...betcha got it now. I even mimed it it primary school. lol. Here's the video:

Another hit of hers is the Wedding classic song she sang. I love the kids in the two videos.

Talking of weddings, today is my Aunt's wedding in Yola and unfortunately I can't attend it. AWW!! I want to wear asheobi, dance and all Anyway, I'll sweat it and wishing her a Happy Married Life. Kai, Aure na da dadi! (hausa folks ya get?)

Ni ce (hausa for 'its me'),

Miss Ladi.

Friday, December 28, 2007

African Music Legends 1

This is my first post and I'm so excited!!

Well I've been creating a slideshow of Africa's who's who and thanks to, I came across a few more successful African men and women all over the world.

Angelique Kidjo is from Benin Republic and a four time Grammy nominee. She is currently nominated for next year's Grammys. She sang two songs that were quite popular in the early/mid 1990s, like when I was a kid, and I was so happy to come across her yesterday.

I hope you get nostalgic. I'll talk about Brenda Fassie tomorrow!

Miss Ladi.


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